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Rescue and rehoming

When we sell puppies we hope they’re going to a lifelong home unfortunately there are occasions where puppies or adult dogs will need to be rehomed due to circumstances beyond the owners or our control.

Should you find yourself in a situation of needing help we ask that you contact us:
Things we can assist you with are finding home boarding or foster care if your situation is temporary these are of course subject to availability and costs incurred.
Should your situation be permanent and you require a full-time new home for your dog we are able to assist you in finding that home.
You must give rehoming your dog a lot of consideration this is not something that is reversible once your dog is signed every homing you relinquish all ownership rights.
It is not possible for us to put you in touch with future owners.
We are however able to relay updates to you as we receive them.
When handing a puppy or dog over for rehoming you must accept that you will forfeit the purchase price that you paid for the dog this is because there is a great deal of work and difficulty involved in finding a new home for a dog that has previously owned.
Prime concern is finding the right home not reimbursing previous owners.
If you’re experiencing difficulties 
And need help rehoming please feel free to contact Katy by email