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When should I neutering my dog?

Owners are often given conflicting advice from breeders, trainers and veterinarians.

As a basic guide -

No female should be spayed before she has has had a season, she should be allowed to have one season then spayed three months later this is generally between 15 months and 3 years of age.

No male should be neutered before 18 months of age and only then neutered if it is essential.
Neutering does not stop bad behaviour or modify dominance behaviour is learned you must teach correct way for the dog to behave , chopping bits of isn`t correcting it .

only exceptions are where a medical conditions such as but not limited to Pyo or a retained testicle means early spay or castration is essential on health grounds.

Here a research articles on research into the effects or early spay/neuter   CLICK HERE

For those of you considering spaying your female you may wish to consider the less invasive laparoscopic spay method  here is a link to vets who offer this type of procedure