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It is the responsibility of both new owners and dog breeders to know the laws surrounding microchipping .

The law states that puppies must be microchipped  by the breeder before sale,  it is the breeders responsibility to supply the purchaser with the documents for the microchip.

 The microchip should first be registered on a reunification database in the name of the breeder .

It is the new owners responsibility to ensure they do a transfer of ownership from the breeders name to their own and supply a current up-to-date contact details for the dog.

At Gunfield we take some of the work out of it for you,  by ensuring that your transfer of ownership’s ETEC are all done by us prior to you collecting your puppy .

We use Avid Plc microchips which are minichips so less invasive.

 Your puppy will be microchip at between six and seven weeks of age .

 The microchip is inserted between the shoulder blades under the skin