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Do you have a dialy newspaper? we are always desperate for used newspapers for toilet training puppies so any donations  gratefully received 

Diary dates


Date of worming course 

Date of worming course 

Dates of visits from   

Temperament testing and allocation date.

Date of worming course 

Date of vet check and first vaccination  

Dates of collection 



Owners chart


Planned owners 

Gender requested

Visit date Collection date owners update form completed 
























Busy week ahead getting all the paperwork sorted  for the litter.

Puppy Care Booklets printed …

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Before the Birth of your Puppy/Offer of a Puppy

  1. Read our terms of sale
  2. Read the sample puppy care booklet

After Birth/Puppy Offer

  1. Choose a Kennel Club name 
  2. Complete an owners update form
  3. Book a visit if required 
  4. Book a collection
  5. Take a look at the puppy shopping list

Before you Collect

  1. Order your food and free puppy pack using the voucher sent to you by email
  2. Book a vet check with your own vet.
  3. Book your second vaccine for when your puppy is 10 weeks of age.
  4. Sign up for puppy training classes appropiate to your needs.